Why Goseva world for all

Many wonder why the Vedic and Vaishnava cultures especially stress protection of the cow. The philosophical reason is simple: The cow is considered one of our mothers, as she gives us her milk and thus nurtures our health and well being. Just as no civilized person would injure or kill their mother, the Vedas teach that to take milk from the cow and then kill her is the same as killing one’s mother.Similarly, the bull is considered like the father because the bull traditionally helps in the tilling of the fields, and thus is to be respected.

We believe protecting cows is a most important component of protecting the earth. According to the ancient Vedic texts the cow is the representative of Mother Earth. And, when the cow and the bull are mistreated, Mother Earth withdraws her bounty.

Of all the animals in the world the cow and the bull are the most important to humans, because whilst some may have a relationship with cats or dogs or horses or something else practically all of us have a relationship with the cow and in a natural society with the ox.

Protection of cows is the single-most important principle towards saving the whole world from both moral and spiritual degradation.

That’s why Goseva world brings a new master concept to put full stop for all problems and establish a platform for people to meet in one place and discuss solutions. All these can happen by protecting and serving cows! This is life time achievement project for saving
you and your kid’s generation just by one-man signature with central government. With this detailed introduction, I now seek your support to Goseva world, ideas to take this project to greater heights. We ready to prove, now It’s in your hand to support!!! “sadhanath sadyathe sarvam” (Meaning in English: “Everything is possible with efforts “)

Kind regards,

Vishnu@President of Goseva world.