Advisory Board

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Advisory Board
Cow parks
GoLakshmi Gramam
Village leader for Cow

Goseva World aims to be the leading advisory board for the protection of Cows and Oxen with below roles

  • Develop an understanding of the cow protection in India and abroad
  • Provide “wise counsel” on issues and policies related to Cows and Oxen
  • Provide unbiased insights and ideas from a third point-of-view
  • Encourage and support the exploration of new ideas
  • Act as a resource for Cow lovers and all the stakeholders
  • Provide social networking platform for Goshalas, Cow lovers, Government, Farmers
  • Encourage the development of a governance framework that enable sustainable growth of the Cow
  • Impose challenges to Goshala Owners across the country that could improve their work
  • Guide anyone interested in establishing Goshalas, Cow parks
  • Play coordinator role in facilitating meetings between farmers, Goshala owners, sponsors, donors, government, etc.
  • Drive campaigns and organizing events

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