How can you support us?

Support us from Heart and Mouth


There are a number of ways:


  • Become a volunteer and help spread the movement while executing our activities in your locality.
  • If you are techie, you can help with our website support work and other online activities.
  • Spread awareness

Money, Land, Influence:

  • You can let us use your land to establish Cow Park, Go Lakshmi Graamam, Goshala, Health Center
  • Sponsor our events and fuel our campaigns
  • You can let us use your rooms and facilities for office administration, storage of food for Cows, etc.


  • You can donate money now or via your Will
  • Cows and Oxen
  • Food (Grass, Grains, Hay, water)
  • Old vehicles

Partner with us:

  • Together we can work on initiatives to bring about a change for the Cows and the larger society
  • Register with us and help us form the comprehensive database of all Cow based organizations

As individuals:

  • Inform us of Cow slaughter and other suffering in your area
  • Shift to taking Cow milk, ghee, and other Gau based products in your daily life
  • Inculcate Cow-like values in your behavior, such as patience, kindness, service to others without expectations