Cow Parks

Goseva World has the plan to establish Cow Park in each town of India with below features.

If any of you are interested to establish a cow park in your area, please contact us. We can help you free of cost with all the knowledge and resources.

  • Minimum of 1 acre of land
  • Architecture looks like a village from olden days where cows and people co-lived in one place
  • Showcase various breeds of Cows and Oxen
  • Guided tours with explanation and literature
  • Facility to conduct Pujas and Yajnas
  • Facility to conduct marriages, birthday parties and other ceremonies
  • Shop Gau products, Panchagavya, Medicinal products
  • Facility for people to bring food and feed to animals
  • More information is available in the brochure

Visit our Model Cow Park

Benefits resulting from establishment of Cow Parks

  • Bring Cow and people together
  • Introduce Cow to kids which are our next generation
  • Bring awareness of Vedic Cows
  • Promote Vedic Cow Breeds which have invaluable nutrients
  • Oppose Jersey and other breeds whose milk has been proved harmful
  • Create Jobs
  • Highlight the importance of Re-use and recycling
  • Promote better lifestyle and healthy habits


  1. To move all notified cows to a ‘Cow Park’ by vehicles.
  2. Running Veterinary Hospital, Provision of Ambulance, Collection of foods, Adoption of Cows
  3. ‘Cow Parks’ would be arranged near sea shore area preferably, or anywhere at village, town and city levels, with facilities for people to visit free of cost or with minimal entry fee and permission to contribute food or donations.
  4. Cows in ‘Cow Park’ would be tagged with an identifiers and their health records are maintained in a custom database application. These cows would be monitored by designated doctors who can perform operations to remove plastics and cure
    other diseases.
  5. ‘Cow Parks’ will provide food for the cows and will not engage in any unethical commercial activities related to cows such as hormones for intensive milking, etc. (Renting them for Poojas may be allowed)
  6. Cow Parks will work with local Goshalas maintained by temples and NGOs and coordinate their efforts to save more cows.
  7. This concept can create the about 30-40 jobs in each Cow Park.