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Date of regNameI am aStateSave Cow is Necessary?

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2018-11-12 06:15:10Pallapu rajaiahV.E.M-Village Executive MemberTelangana(TS)AgricalcharMale503144
2018-11-09 20:02:17G.ASHOK REDDYT.E.M-Taluk/Mandal/Tahsil Executive MemberAndhra Pradesh(AP)మన దేశం భవిషతు అ‌ంత ఆవు మీద ఆదరపడి ఉందిMale522234
2018-10-29 00:30:41K.bhirava reddyV.E.M-Village Executive MemberAndhra Pradesh(AP)Ok iam save cow sarMale518543
2018-10-28 23:25:31MallikarjunaD.E.M-District Executive MemberAndhra Pradesh(AP)YesMale515001
2018-10-26 12:47:36VEERABABU SARNALAV.E.M-Village Executive MemberAndhra Pradesh(AP)Save desi cowes and BullsMale521212
2018-10-16 05:03:34RavitemburniMBR-MemberTelangana(TS)Today the farmers are not aware of the consequences of using chemical fertilizers. Cow based manure may be future fertilizers for them.Male500061
2018-10-15 10:12:06RamaKrishnaMBR-MemberNRI-Non resident indianGlobal warmingMale500062
2018-10-12 21:14:52VIJAYA KUMARMBR-MemberTelangana(TS)GoodFemale508248
2018-10-12 08:50:38B.BalagangadharaV.E.M-Village Executive MemberAndhra Pradesh(AP)Our village total 200cowsMale515581
2018-09-07 10:29:05M.SIVA SAIMBR-MemberAndhra Pradesh(AP)YESMale521165
2018-08-11 11:39:59Dr. Y. Venu Gopala RaoMBR-MemberTelangana(TS)Cow is devine. It is high time we have to protect Gomatha.Male507101
2018-07-31 11:11:58Ranadheer DhumbalaC.E.M-Central Executive MemberTelangana(TS)Go Rakshathi Rakshitha:
I signify our reverence for the cow, and our abiding faith that the cow is Annapurna.
2018-07-31 00:51:08M Surya vamsiMBR-MemberAndhra Pradesh(AP)Yes first indian duty is save cow and our cultureMale543197
2018-07-12 05:55:52kantheti BrahmendraT.E.M-Taluk/Mandal/Tahsil Executive MemberAndhra Pradesh(AP)Yes. Cows we worshiped as god in India. As India is a agriculture based country we have very close relationship with Cows and Cattle as well. We have to protect cows that's my agenda.Male522016
2018-07-07 10:39:31Kamireddy Tharaka rami reddyTN.E.M-Town Executive memberAndhra Pradesh(AP)Sacred cows have been worshiped since ages and centuries. We have been worshiping cows in this era of ‘Kalyug’ as we know the importance of them. Can’t we fight for their right of living and save themMale522001
2018-06-22 11:21:09KrishnaV.E.M-Village Executive MemberTelangana(TS)Save cows save our cultureMale505102
2018-06-22 03:15:16ANKINAIDU PRASADH CHAVATN.E.M-Town Executive memberAndhra Pradesh(AP)YESMale522202
2018-06-22 03:10:07NARESH KUMARV.E.M-Village Executive MemberAndhra Pradesh(AP)YESMale522212
2018-06-22 02:30:03Suryadevara Venkata RamanaV.E.M-Village Executive MemberAndhra Pradesh(AP)Yes we have to save cows, but proper guidance is needed to all the people from the experts in that area.Male522213
2018-06-17 10:17:20raja sekhar bandaruMBR-MemberAndhra Pradesh(AP)yesMale531021
2018-06-15 04:04:23NareshD.D.M-District Division MemberTelangana(TS)Saving cow very essential for our country development. It is very useful scientifically & devotionally. Gopanchakam , gomayam fully with medicinal values. It is very useful to control number of diseasMale504208
2018-06-11 23:13:02Jayaprakash reddyD.E.M-District Executive MemberTelangana(TS)Yes,as a Indian and as an Hindu it is i support to save gomatha and it is necessaryMale508256
2018-06-11 11:53:58Rajendar mardaPTR-PartnerTelangana(TS)Gow ki raksha deash ki surakshaMale507101
2018-06-11 10:21:59Ravi nathD.D.M-District Division MemberAndhra Pradesh(AP)Like our mother my mother cow also required for our worldMale518001
2018-06-07 06:52:47Nallamothu Venu GopalaRaoC.E.M-Central Executive MemberNRI-Non resident indianprotect desi cows and developed native breed tractsMale522234
2018-06-07 00:51:09phanikishoreMBR-MemberAndhra Pradesh(AP)Gomatha is motherMale534211
2018-06-06 04:11:50Vijay DronavalliS.E.M-State Executive MemberTelangana(TS)Cow and Mother both are same to me.Male502313
2018-05-01 09:23:23sainathMBR-MemberAndhra Pradesh(AP)yes it very cruel step that should be taken now to save our national animalMale524004
2018-03-08 02:52:04G GadadharVolunteerNRI-Non resident indianWe need to save desi cows to improve our agriculture and also to enable the village economy to grow and create a self sustainable and eco friendly villages.Male560024
2018-02-25 11:54:56SureshVolunteerAndhra Pradesh(AP)Cow is our sacred animal . Till my last breath i wil ve in service to gomataMale500019
2018-02-25 09:30:01SPY REDDY KAILABothTelangana(TS)For Artha,Dharma,Kaama,Moksha.Male500048
2017-12-29 13:23:43Radhika AkurathiVolunteerTelangana(TS)Cow is vital for the economyFemale507003
2017-12-01 06:46:56SatyanrayanaVolunteerTelangana(TS)Thank you Sirs for your dedicated service.!Cow is next to Mother.Mother can feed serve her children.But cow can feed all the children while feeding Mother earth and Nature. It saves health of MankindMale500085
2017-11-28 11:14:45raja sekhar bandaruVolunteerAndhra Pradesh(AP)Saving cow saves human and soil healthMale531021
2017-11-20 03:59:05MohanVolunteerAndhra Pradesh(AP)COW is holy animal and our mother as per Vedic scriptures. It is also very dearest to Shri Krishna. Let's protect cows and help the revival of Sanathana Dharma.Male534176
2017-11-15 12:13:36Sri Krishna DairyBothAndhra Pradesh(AP)Yes, back bone of EconomyMale530026
2017-11-15 01:30:39Dinesh SinghVolunteerTelangana(TS)Yes all Indian should save cowMale500027
2017-11-13 13:32:12Aparna PuriVolunteerHaryana(HR)Gomata is the most pious and the greatest blessing of God on this earth.We should save our holy Gomata to solve all medical, economical, environmental, social problems like poverty n unemployment etcFemale134113
2017-11-13 07:03:54Suresh Kumar konduriBothTelangana(TS)Yes.cow is very necessary.it will 100%done by usMale505326
2017-11-12 22:56:30KOTIKRISHNAVolunteerAndhra Pradesh(AP)YesMale521322
2017-11-12 15:08:50PRAKASHVolunteerAndhra Pradesh(AP)Yes absolutelyMale517247
2017-11-12 14:57:44Suresh Kumar GandeBothTelangana(TS)I am interested to join with your movementMale506142
2017-11-12 10:53:44Nalluri SandeepVolunteerTelangana(TS)please save cows oxMale500054
2017-11-12 10:17:37GadadharVolunteerKarnataka(KA)Saving cow for next generation haltMale560024
2017-11-12 09:30:11Rama Krishna KVolunteerKarnataka(KA)To be healthy, Mentally(by doing puja to cow) and Physically (by consuming go outputs)

. In this universe only cow will give you nectar, even if we feed poison also. Visible God is Cow.
2017-11-12 06:45:05Sri ManikantaBothTelangana(TS)We should save the cow and oxen as they are the main source for agriculture
Cow products are the source of getting good health
Panchagavya(5 cow products) has great medicinal qualities
2017-11-12 06:44:16Mahendra PatelBothTelangana(TS)Holy cow save for Next Healthy GenerationMale507101
2017-11-12 05:45:14RamachandraVolunteerKarnataka(KA)YesMale583132
2017-11-12 05:34:39AbhilashVillage leaderKarnataka(KA)Yes, it is to save ourselvesMale560095
2017-11-12 05:25:36Vinish KumarVolunteerTamil Nadu(TN)Cow is necessary for daily routine life.so we need to save cow.Male629177
2017-11-12 05:23:58SaiVolunteerTelangana(TS)Yes, absolutelyMale500084
2017-11-12 05:23:19BhargavaVolunteerAndhra Pradesh(AP)Cattle and farmers are back bone for any nation,it's our duty to protect all.Male521301
2017-11-11 11:29:19Upendar reddy yalalaBothTelangana(TS)Yes. She is mother.Male505405
2017-11-11 06:55:53UjwalVolunteerTelangana(TS)Only our desi cow can save our universeMale500010
2017-11-09 08:39:23Devireddy .Mahender ReddyVillage leaderTelangana(TS)Zebu (Boss indicus ) is the only solution for the healthy world,pollution free world, it creates humanity in human beings.Male503120
2017-11-09 01:05:39ArunkumarVolunteerAndhra Pradesh(AP)testMale600101
2017-11-08 21:32:47Bharath reddyVolunteerAndhra Pradesh(AP)We have to save our holy cowMale502032
2017-11-08 14:28:01Kranthi TummaVolunteerTelangana(TS)YesMale500050
2017-11-08 10:11:45Gurrapu Naresh kumarBothTelangana(TS)Gaavo vishwasya maathram
Gaavo amruthasya naabi....
2017-11-05 23:19:25Kiran goudBothTelangana(TS)Yes..
Cow is only secret for ancient indian wealth and health..
2017-11-05 10:09:46Sudhakar ChowdaryBothTelangana(TS)Cow is altranative to mother ..... mother Equal to Cow..... Cow is All All in cowMale500038
2017-11-05 06:16:14Vaibhav joshiVolunteerTelangana(TS)Yes it's necessary to save cow .Without cow we can't see our future on earth .I belive its the only living god on earth ,it has More power than the idols in Temple .
"Gau hi jeevan hai gau "
2017-11-04 23:52:09Madhava BasaniVolunteerTelangana(TS)Yes..For better life..better indiaMale506319
2017-11-04 23:50:14RajeshBothAndhra Pradesh(AP)Gomata for world well beingMale522616
2017-11-04 22:35:10V Tirumala KishoreBothAndhra Pradesh(AP)Yes. Indian economy is develops by cow based agriculture only.Male523165
2017-10-26 19:44:16vishnu mBothMale521322